• TICA (Thermal Insulation Contractors Association) and ACAD (Asbestos Control Abatement Division)


  • Magazine design
  • Print buying
  • Mailing distribution


  • 24-40 page magazine
  • Produced quarterly
  • Cover sheet
  • Print of 5000


  • Copywriting
  • Advert design
  • Mailing distribution

Project Info


We have been producing this quarterly page magazine for TICA ACAD for more than 12 years now.

Their initial challenge was that the related associations of TICA (Thermal Insulation Contractors Association) and ACAD (Asbestos Control Abatement Division) needed a publication to reach their members on a continual basis, to provide useful information, news and industry updates.

Many related publications were quite dry, sterile and not very engaging, so something more interesting and visually appealing was needed.


Reactive Design proposed a quarterly magazine which would provide the optimum amount of reading material for their members throughout the year to keep them engaged, whilst also being the most cost effective. It is important to note that through industry research their members did prefer a physical printed product rather than a digital version.

Rather than creating two separate publications, instead the magazine would be combined and split in half, with two different branded covers on the front and back of the magazine, which further improved the cost-effectiveness of the magazine.

Design wise the magazine is very dynamic and visually appealing and the content isn’t too text heavy to enable maximum engagement.

We also provided an advert design service for relevant partner organisations to help generate income from the magazine to offset production costs.

Due to our print buying expertise we were able to get the 5000+ magazines, with a gloss laminated cover, produced at an unrivalled price, whilst also taking care of distribution to the clients’ mailing lists. The best way to do this was the addition of a personalised cover sheet, with both items then being packaged and mailed out in a transparent poly-bag.


Because we proposed the split magazine approach with one half dedicated to TICA & the other to ACAD – is was important to have a design approach that had distinct branding & identity for each section, but also have a complimentary style so that the magazine didn’t look too disjointed and because the 2 organisatons are related.

Whilst we have evolved the look of the magazine in the many years we have been producing it, one thing that has remained constant is that the design approach is very visually engaging and exciting, to encourage TICA ACAD members to read it and stay up to date with industry news.


In terms of the items produced for each quarterly publication, this included:

• 24-40 page magazine design (depending upon content to promote)

• Personalised cover sheet (to include mailing address and other relevant promotional content)

• Mailing & distribution of 4000+ magazines

Finally, whilst it’s difficult to convey online, the 24-40 physical magazine was printed to a really high-quality spec, with a gloss laminate cover. And whilst on 1 occasion over the years the client did try to get cheaper printing costs from other supplies, they where unable to match or beat Reactive’s print costs.


Maximum member engagement through a printed magazine

Client cost savings by using reactive

Happy client


“Due to hard work and dedication, our company has grown from strength to strength and I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Reactive Design to help your business grow.”



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