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Supreme Nutrition are a sports nutrition and supplement brand who are growing fast due to endorsements by the likes of the footballers Alex Oxlade Chamberlain, Luis Suarez and Little Mix star Perried Edwards. Supreme Nutrition had previous negative experience working with other creative agencies who didn’t understand the legal & visual guidelines and complexities around creating packaging for use in the nutrition industry. They also had an expensive issue with a batch of labels produced which weren’t useable by another agency. They were recommended to use Reactive for our experience in this area and ability to take on other creative and marketing tasks to further grow their brand.



At Reactive we have a lot of experience working on packaging for the nutraceutical industry for a variety of clients over the years so we were able to effciently and expertly produce label designs for the Supreme range of products (and in turn reduce supplier costs for the client). The labels not only looked really slick and distinctive to appeal to the target audience and evolve the brand identity, but also functioned from a legal perspective (in following the correct legal guidelines). By using our print partner the client was able to also get their labels more quickly and at a better price than previoulsy.


So far we have produced packaging labels for a whole family of Supreme Nutrition products which all look impressive and stand out in the market place whilst also following the correct legal guidelines in terms of presenting Nutritional Information, Ingredients, Claims and also retail barcodes. Products we have created labels for include the following which each come in multiple flavours and differing packaging (eg.tubs, pots & pouches):

• Protein Shakes
• Pre-workout shakes
• Creatine & BCAA’s
• Greens powders
• Collagen
• Various supplements including multi-vitamin & minerals and many more

As well as producing the labels for use on the products – we also produced 3D product renders so that products could be promoted on websites and social media channels. 

In additon to product labelling we have also helped Supreme Nutrition with a whole host of other marketing and promotional items such as presentations to elite sports stars and POS items for bricks and mortar supplememt stores.


We have helped Supreme Nutrition with a whole host of other marketing and promotional items such as presentations and sample packs to elite sports stars (such as Mo Salah, Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez) to become Supreme Partners. We’ve also worked on social media campaigns for Supreme Nutrition as well as POS items for bricks and mortar supplememt stores.

One of the things that Supreme Nutrition loved about Reactive is that not only could they draw on Reactives supplement labelling expertise to get labels produced, but we could also help them with multiple design and marketing tasks which made life easy fro Supreme Nutrition.




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