Pharmacy leaflet design chemist logo
A 6 page DL leaflet design for Tamworth Pharmacy – key services stand out, a 10% off offer is placed on the leaflet to get new customers and attract previous, but most importantly a clear indication of where they are located using a map.

At Reactive Design we have worked with a number of pharmacies in London and throughout the UK. Here are some of our tips that will ensure you get the best results in leaflet design.

#1. Brand Identity and consistent logo usage is key.

– A professional pharmacy should have a logo which is their main identifier in a crowded market place. The pharmacy logo should help to convey the right message in itself (clean, professional, health orientated). It is vital that the brand or logo is used consistently across all marketing materials such as leaflets and websites and also ‘In-Pharmacy’ items such as signage and posters etc This will help customers recognise the Pharmacy brand across multiple formats. Therefore the leaflet should follow this brand – or if limited marketing collateral has been produce – a god leaflet designer should be able to help establish a look & feel which could be rolled out across other items.

#2. Utilise visual hierarchies to promote key benefits and services.

– A good bit of design work will take into consideration that most people who pick up a leaflet or flyer are time poor (aren’t we all!) Therefore, the design should consider hierarchies software information – what jumps out first to a reader (eg there should be a strong headline hook), it should also be immediately obvious to the leaflet viewer that this is a pharmacy leaflet – so imagery and logo can help immediately signify this in seconds. Once you have hooked a reader in – then go onto list key points about USP’s, services and benefits.

#3. Highlight/promote services and benefits for the audience.

– It’s worth emphasising that a leaflet give you the chance to promote all the reasons why someone should use your pharmacy… so think in terms of services, unique selling points and benefits. Highlighting why someone wants to use your pharmacy, why they beat other competitors on the market and why they are best at what they do.

#4. Keep your text content short and snappy.

– A leaflet with lots of text can seem overwhelming and therefore off-putting. It is best to reduce text to an absolute minimum, whilst keeping in all those reasons that customers should visit the pharmacy or chemist. Bullet points are excellent as it lists the benefit without the waffle – this makes it precise to the point.

#5. Colour can affect peoples moods/feelings – choose effectively in your design.

– It’s always important to brand a Pharmacy/Chemist in the right colour scheme. As the image you want to convey is one of trustworthiness, cleanliness and professionalism – you’ll find the best colours to use are whites, blues, and possibly greens (light greens). Professions like Dentists also need to convey the same image, so always refer back to the brand colours and add your own twist to make it unique!

#6. Make it easy for the audience to locate the Pharmacy/Chemist/Dentist and where to look for more information.

– Every leaflet design should have an end result in mind – and more often than not it’s to call a number or visit a website. In the case of pharmacies, it’s also to find and visit the Pharmacy – so an address is paramount and a simplified map is also a good idea if leaflets are to be distributed far and wide. Also remember to include Opening Hours.

#7. Leaflet size is important, so make sure you get it right!

– Finally It’s best to keep the leaflet size to a standard size to place easily in leaflet dispensers etc. Usually the leaflets we produce for Pharmacies are A5 leaflets (148mm x 210mm) / a4 leaflets (210mm x 297mm) , or DL sized leaflets (210mm x 99mm). If more information is needed to go in then I recommend a 6 page DL size leaflet is used (essentially an A4 piece of paper with 2 folds in to give 3 page son 1 side and 3 on the reverse).

#8. Leaflets can lead to much much more!

– Last but not least, when designing a leaflet it is always good to bare in mind how the visual identity that has been established in a leaflet, that will work across other marketing collateral. Companies like ourselves will always advise that they are much more opportunities to get your message across, for example with it being posters/brochures/websites and pull-up banners.