Healthy Relationships Partnership Hartlepool are a not for profit organisation set up to promote and help those families suffering with relationship issues. Starting from zero, they needed a brand identity that could be rolled out into a marketing campaign and website to raise awareness of their services. It was important that the brand was distinctive, would stand out to immediately convey what they do and be welcoming/vibrant with no stigma attached.


To create an effective brand identity you need to understand the client’s aims & target audience 


After many client workshops in the briefing stage to understand objectives and the target audience (barriers, motivators etc) Reactive set about producing many design concepts and approaches. Working in collaboration with the client, other stakeholders and testing the brand to the target audience – selected concepts where developed and refined until we had a clear winner for the brand identity which would be more likley to have the desireable effect in engaging the target audience. As ever when Reactive create a brand identity, as we have expertise in print, digital & online and indeed across all marketing mediums – when we create brand we ensure it can be applied consistently and effectively across all marketing channels.

At Reactive we offer various branding packages depednng upon the needs & budget of the client. All packages include a briefing stage to gather information & insight which provides the foundation on which to build an effective brand. From there we produce design concepts and collaborate with the client to develop selected one sinto the final brand.

With the HRPH branding – we had many client workshops to understand the aims of the organisation and also to really gain insight into the target audinece to ensure the brand appealed to them in a vibrant, welcoming, distinctive way – that could be effectively rolled out into a larger marketing campaign.

Essentially put the logo developed for HRPH aimed to convey the prime importance of communication and talking when trying to improve relationships.